Who we are

Mission Statement

HKS Counselling Services is a Francophone community organization that strives to help improve the mental health, wellness and safety of its clientele through quality care and services in both official languages.

In addition to providing services, the organization is an institution whose role also encompasses maintaining the French language, transmitting Francophone culture and fostering solidarity in the Franco-Ontarian minority.


The multidisciplinary team at HKSCS offers a complete range of services designed to meet the needs of its clientele in a holistic, fluid and integrated approach, including: 

  • Assessment and treatment of people with mental health issues;
  • Emergency housing, support and assistance for women and their children who are victims of violence and/or in crisis;
  • Immediate response and follow-up for victims of crime and tragic circumstances;
  • Psycho-educational group sessions for people found guilty of violence against their partner;
  • Services for people accused of minor criminal offences who serve community-based sentences.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a leader in providing quality services and as a Francophone establishment aiming to maintain, improve and increase the range of services to meet the needs of the communities it serves.


  • Care centred on the person’s needs
  • Empowerment
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Strategic priorities

Board of Administration

Tracy Christianson, Chairperson

Primary school Director

Role: Representing Hearst and area

Michel Fortin, Vice-president

Professor at the University of Hearst

Role: Representing Kapuskasing and area

Jessica Morin, Treasurer


Role: Representing Kapuskasing and area

Mireille Marchand, Member at Large

Speech Therapist

Role: Representing Kapuskasing and area

Denise Pelletier, Administrator

DOTA Caisse Alliance

Role: Representing Smooth Rock Falls and area

Karine Dupuis Pominville, Administrator

Professional Dietitian

Role: Representing Hearst and area

Christine Grenier - Tremblay, Administrator

Technician Registered in Social Work

Role: Representing Hearst and area

Management team

Steve Fillion

M.S.S., B.A.

Executive Director

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]

Simon Dubosq

B.A. (Psy.) B.Ed.

Director of Mental Health Programs

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]

Terry Allard

B.A. (Psy.) et T.T.S.

Director of Programs and Services for Victims

Phone: (705) 337-1122
[email protected]

Michelle Gosselin

B.A. (Psy.)

Victim Services & Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team Supervisor

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]

Stéphanie Joly

B.A. (Psy.)

Clinical Supervisor

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]

Yves Boucher


Clinical Supervisor

Phone: 705) 372-1933
[email protected]

Mélanie Bélanger

Director of Administration and Finances

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]

Madelaine Audet

Administration and Financial Supervisor

Phone: (705) 335-8468
[email protected]