Family Court Support Program


The Ministry of the Attorney General from the Province of Ontario Province provides funding to the HKS Counselling Services to deliver the Family Court Support Program.  This community-based program provides supports to victims of domestic violence involved in the family court process.  

Program objectives

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide supports for victims of domestic violence involved in the family court process, and address victim safety through safety planning.
  • Increase the victim’s awareness of available services and supports.

Program eligibility

The Program is funded through the Victims’ Justice Fund.  All services funded through this source are directed exclusively to benefit victims of crime.

The Program is intended for victims of domestic violence who are involved in the family court process.  This includes victims who are about to start a family court proceeding.

Program service delivery requirements

The program provides direct services and support to victims of domestic violence involved in the family court process.  

Important Note:  Family Court Support Workers will not provide legal advice, opinion or direction to clients.

Support workers will:

  • Conduct a needs assessment for clients.
  • Provide information about the family court process.
  • Assist the victim to record the history of abuse to prepare for family court proceedings.
  • Provide the victim with safety planning, including safety planning related to court attendance, and referrals for risk assessments where appropriate.
  • Assist the victim with the legal aid process.
  • Support the victim to follow through on requests received from lawyers.
  • Debrief with clients following family court appearances, lawyer appointments, Family Law Information Centre meetings, and consultations with duty counsel.
  • Refer the victim to specialized services (both domestic violence-specific and culturally relevant services) in the community.
  • Communicate with criminal court-based services, such as the VWAP, where appropriate, and in accordance with the appropriate protocol.

Referral process

For more information on this program, please contact 705-337-1122 or by email at [email protected]