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Student placement with Counselling Services

What is a student placement?

A student placement is a job placement that gives students an overview of the field of work they are studying. Work expectations vary from one job placement to another and according to the field of study. Students in placement have the opportunity to observe and put into practice the techniques and learning they have acquired during their studies, under the supervision of an experienced professional who provides significant professional development support.

The Hearst-Kapuskasing- Smooth Rock Falls Counselling Services work in collaboration with the following postsecondary institutions to offer opportunities for student placements:

  • Université de Hearst
  • Laurentian University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Collège Boréal

Why do a student placement with us?

A student placement with the Hearst-Kapuskasing- Smooth Rock Falls Counselling Services is a complete and enriching experience. The wide range of services offered by our agency gives students the opportunity to apply the experiences they are learning in school in a workplace environment of their chosen profession.

Fields of study that qualify for student placements:


A student placement in psychology is usually aimed at undergraduate students enrolled in a clinical psychology program at a university. Students’ academic profile must include a basic knowledge of psychopathology, diagnostic assessment, treatment planning and interviewing techniques.

Social work

A student placement in social work is aimed at students pursuing an undergraduate university degree or college diploma. The student placement in the workplace and classroom training allow students to broaden their perspective in social work and discover their future career.


The duration of the student placement usually depends on the field of study and the agreement between our agency and the educational institution.

General learning objectives

During the student placement, the student is evaluated based on objectives established by the educational institution, which vary according to the curriculum of study. The role of our organization is to provide guidance and prepare the student for the job market. The agency is responsible for supervising students and offering a range of experiences and advice (individual work, group work, etc.) to help them on their career path.

How to apply for a student placement with us?

Send us your résumé and a cover letter outlining why you are interested in pursuing a student placement at our agency. Upon receipt of your application, a manager from our agency will contact you to take the necessary next steps.