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Management Team

Steve Fillion, M.S.W., B.A.
Executive Director
Tel: (705) 335-8468
Email: steve.fillion@hkscounselling.ca

Terry Allard, S.S.W. and B.A.(Psy.)
Director of Programs and Services for Victims
Tel: (705) 337-1122
Email: habitatinterlude_terry@onlink.net

Simon Dubosq, B.A. (Psy.)
Director of Mental Health Programs
Tel: (705) 335-8468

Yves Boucher, B.S.T. and B.S.W. candidate
Clinical Supervisor
Tel: (705) 372-1933

Michelle Nadeau, B.A.
Victim Services Program Coordinator
Tel: (705) 335-8468, extension 218
Email: michelle.nadeau@hkscounselling.ca

M/lanie Bélanger
Manager, Administration and Finance Department
Tel: (705) 335-8468
Email: melanie.belanger@hkscounselling.ca

Madelaine Audet
Administrative Assistant
Tel: (705) 335-8468