Victim Quick Response Service (VQRP)

Service Description

The Victim Quick Response Service (VQRP) is available to provide timely financial assistance to victims of violent crimes who cannot afford services to address their immediate needs.

Services Offered

The service provides financial assistance for:

1. Short term immediate counselling services;
2. Funeral expenses for victims of homicide;
3. Immediate emergency expenses in the following five categories:
a. Emergency accommodation and meals;
b. Crime scene cleanup;
c. Emergency home repairs;
d. Transportation costs;
e. Emergency care of a child or elderly person.

Eligibility Criteria

The VQRP has been established to provide assistance to victims of:

  • Homicide (including attempted murder);
  • Serious physical assault;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Hate crime.

Referral Procedures

Eligible applicants may contact us directly or be referred by a police service after a crime has been reported or, in the case of family violence and sexual assault, by a community agency providing support services to victims.