Seniors' Mental Health Community Service

In collaboration with the Northeast Mental Health Centre

Service Description

The Seniors' Mental Health Community Service offers a psychogeriatric consultation service. The multidisciplinary team (psychiatrist, family physician, clinical nurse) is in place to serve elderly people who are affected by a mental illness or younger persons who are affected by age-related mental illness or a functional incapacity.

Services Offered

  • Psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, recommendations regarding treatment and short term follow-up
  • Support to service providers and families by the establishment of on-site follow-up or by telephone consultation with the psychiatrist, support counselling and psycho-education
  • Psycho-educational support to community agencies and other healthcare professionals interested in psychogeriatrics

Eligibility Criteria

  • 65 years of age or over, or younger if dealing with an age-related mental illness or a functional incapacity
  • Medically stable
  • Affected by a behavioural disturbance associated with dementia or another illness
  • Living at home, or in a long-term care facility (in the hospital or not), or be hospitalised somewhere else in the service region

Referral Procedures

Applications for services must be initiated by the family physician who is providing medical care to the client.

  • As a consultation service, emergency intervention or long-term care to clients is not available.